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Your Upland Guides and their dogs

It is important to  us that clients feel comfortable, safe, and confident with their guide and dogs. All of our guides work solely for LRO.  When a guide wants to come on board with us; their experience is vetted, dog work is verified personally, then they go on guided hunts with a senior guide prior to being set up with clients on their own.  All are trained in field emergency care, and follow a written  code of conduct for LRO.  We expect the highest quality of service from our guides and their pups.

Well, that's me to the left.  Owner and primary guide for LRO. I grew up hunting and fishing in northwest Georgia.  I moved to AZ in 1998 and never plan to leave.  Upland hunting is an absolute obsession for me.  Big game hunting puts meat in the freezer, chasing birds and training dogs are what I love.  I am a certified Paramedic, worked in the fields of emergency medicine, search and rescue, and law enforcement for over 29 years. Now I enjoy sharing my passion for upland hunting and hunting over well trained dogs with others through guiding.

Ernie is a lifelong resident of Southern Arizona.  He grew up as a cowboy for various local ranches. He then had a career in law enforcement and retired in 2015.  An avid small and big game hunter his entire life, he is dedicated to hunting in all its forms.  Following his retirement, he got back into dog work and dedicates most of his free time to his pups.  He is the primary scout for LRO and began guiding for us in the 2017-18 season.

Matt grew up in Niagara Falls, N.Y. His family owns a cabin and 100 acres on the N.Y./Pennsylvania border. Matt spent every free minute at that cabin hunting deer, Turkey and Ruffed Grouse over his Weimaraner. In 2005 he moved to Arizona for a career in law enforcement and never looked back. After the passing of his Weimaraner, Matt fell on love with the Brittany breed and spends every chance he gets in the field with them. Matt's Britts are second to none.  Well trained and great to hunt over

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