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Be prepared for your Big game hunt

Hunting any big game species in Arizona is amazing, but not easy.  You should be prepared to hike several miles in fairly rugged terrain. It is very dry here most of the year and you would be well served to hydrate before and during the hunt.  The terrain will vary based on your chosen hunt, but will range from desert to mountain and from 2500 to 7000 feet of elevation.   Habitat will range from low grass and prickly pear cactus, (among other nasty plants that like to defend themselves with fervor) to the steep scrub oak woodlands and juniper/pines at higher elevations.

Late season can be cold or varying from cold mornings to warm afternoons.  Be prepared to sit in these conditions for extended periods while glassing with your guide.  The game will be where they are comfortable which generally means- we aren't.  

The hunts will start around daylight and end by well when you decide to call it, but generally late afternoon for full days.  You will need to arrange your own lodging for guided only hunts. If fully outfitted, it will be a stake tent camp or camper.


In order for you to have a good experience, we recommend you prepare in advance.  You should be capable of walking at least 4-5 miles in varied terrain with your hunting gear and pack on as well as your rifle.  We do not do any "canned" hunts.  All wild game- All fair chase- And all earned. Also see the "Are you ready tab: below






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