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2017/18 Season pics

Photos from clients guided in the 17/18 season

Early Dove Opener September

Local clients down for an early dove hunt

Scalie morning

Client from New Mexico slipped away for a short morning run on scaled while on a family excursion

New Mexico Bobwhite and Blues for a Nebraska client

A special treat in New Mexico.  Drove out to hit some bobwhites and scaled.  23 coveys in two days

An uplander from Iowa coming down for a couple days of Mearns

Friends from Illinois getting the Slam in a big way

Hot and dry, but these guys got into a ton of desert birds

Somebody say SLAM? How 'bout before lunch

Loyal AZ clients got the slam in a day before lunch


86 and still chasing birds

Tough conditions continued, but Buck out of Idaho got it done

Good friends get together to chase some mearns out of

Ernie took these guys out for a great day of Mearns hunting

Utah Blue Grouse

October hunt in the Uinta mountains.  Got into a few Dusky grouse.  Over 20 flushes in two days

Gambels, Scaled and Dove after Thanksgiving out of Cali

Father, son, and soon to be son-in-law

Great day out chasing desert birds

Buddies from Florida come out for the slam

These two poked and ribbed the entire hunt.  Great hunt considering the heat

Mearns hunt for another rooster chaser from Iowa.

He was concerned about the hunt, but did great at elevation and the heat

The Arizona Quail Slam for a Wisconsin uplander

Nothing but a 28ga and a .410 for this guy.  Tough hunt, but got another slam bagged

Mearns for repeats from Cali

Great couple of days with repeat clients.  Tough scent conditions, but we got on some birds.  His new pup got some experience to boot 

The Utah Judge and his nephew return

Outstanding hunt with these guys who got together for a great mearns hunt

Buddies out of Florida came in for the slam

Great hunt.  Pulled off the slam in the last minutes of the second day. Whew!

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