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We offer dog training for hunting dogs as well as family pets.  

We enjoy training dogs as much as hunting birds.  The training offered focuses on training you, the handler, as well as the dogs.  We believe in having the owner/handler actively participate in the training to develop a better understanding of their dog, its drives, behavior, and creating a hunting team for the field.


We prefer to conduct an evaluation of your dog for all gun-dog training and develop a training plan for you and your dog based on its current level of training and abilities.  All dogs (and handlers) learn at different paces, so we focus on training sessions as often as you desire and "homework" assigned to conduct before the next session to evaluate and advance to the next step.


We utilize specific training fundamentals for all dogs based on the science of behavior and behavior modification.  We utilize both Operant and classic behavior conditioning for obedience and field work, but we design a training plan based around what you want out of your dog. Obedience training can be tailored to your desires.  We can use treat based "clicker" reward training, slip or pinch collar reinforcement,  and/or E-collar, depending on the owner/handler's preference.


Due to hunt guiding, our primary training season is February to September. We can train during the hunt season, but must be scheduled around booked hunts.


We offer the following:


  • Puppy introductions to birds and guns

  • Obedience training

  • Problem solving for gun dogs

  • Advanced training to include

    • Steady to wing

    • Steady to shot

    • Conditioned retrieve

    • Honoring point

  • Boarding for existing training clients​


Rates for the 2020 training season are $60.00 per session plus birds for basic gun dog training.  Training sessions average 2-4 hours in length.


Rates for 2020 Training season for basic obedience training is $40.00 per session and vary in length based on tasks and dog progress.  Most are an hour and a half in length.



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