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2015/16 Season pics

Some shots from clients guided in the 15/16 season

Dove opener Sept. 2015

The 2015 early dove opener.  Had the honor of hosting Charr Cee with CC tactics.  Unbelievable early dove season.  Photography courtesy of Ziemba Photography

Mearns Hunt with some Pheasants/Quail Forever reps in town for the annual banquet

Single day hunt 10 coveys on the day.

Mearns hunt with a guest photographer

Great day.  We saw 12 coveys of Mearns on the day and we were joined by Roni Ziemba of Ziemba Photographic Arts.  Roni will be available to document your hunt as an additional service for next season.  Amazing photographer.  See her link in the services tab.

Mearns Hunt with a great groups of clients out of Texas

An unbelievable hunt in the snow for the second time this season

Mearns hunt over MLK weekend

Great three day hunt over the holiday.  A couple of great guys out of Scottsdale.  Over 30 coveys in three days.  Amazing numbers

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