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guided quail hunst Arizona

A little about gear



  • Shotgun 12,16, 20, or 28 Gauge.  Bring what ya shoot with -hinge, pump or auto.  We aren't picky as long as you are safe

  • Shells – Mearns Quail -#71/2 -#8- IC choke recommended

  • Shells -Gambels and Scaled #7 #71/2, #8- IC or Mod choke recommended

  • Shells- Blue or ruffed Grouse #6,#7 #71/2- IC or Mod choke recommended

  • Bird Vest, bird pack, strap vest (you get it)-  I recommend one with water bottle holders or a bladder system

  • Quality supportive boots. (think ankle support for rocky terrain)

  • Sunscreen/lip balm

  • Clothing to suit-  Layers for late season

  • Blaze orange hat- (or some other hi-viz color)not a law, but we need to see each other

  • Rain gear (Ya never know)

  • Camo- If you wanna dove hunt

  • Light Weight Field Pants- something in the briar resistant range if you don't like briars and thorns

  • If you have a medical condition- BRING YOUR MEDS and please make us aware of health concerns


  • Signed Liability waiver

  • Health statement form


  • Dogs- If you have your own, they are more than welcome.  If you want to hunt over yours, mine or both.  Your dog(s) need to be sociable, snake and cactus savvy.  

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